About the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group


The consideration of the role of humanity in climate change and the notion of sustainable development are core concerns of society, and consequently of libraries.


This Special Interest Group’s mission is to address:

  • Effects of climate change on libraries (modification of the conditions of storage and preservation, buildings insulation, impacts on library finances and management,…).
  • The application of environment-friendly practices in libraries, or transferable to libraries (recovery of rain water, use of renewable energy sources, printing control, paper recycling, etc).
  • The proposal of environmental recommendations to the profession (recycling of outdated documents, use of biodegradable materials, etc).
  • Increasing and promoting documentary resources and library services connected to sustainability (development of collections on environmental themes, exhibitions, outreach, etc.)
  • Increasing awareness of librarians themselves about environmental concerns.

ENSULIB mailing list

This is a discussion list for information professionals who are interested in issues related to sustainable development and libraries. Such issues include: the impact of environmental dynamics on libraries, their activities and the conservation of collections, library environment-friendly management practices, "green" library buildings as well as collection development and diffusion of information that foster awareness about sustainability among both users and professionals. The list is also the general communication channel for the IFLA Environmental sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group.  Subscription is required for using the list.

Another mailing list is also availble as a working tool for volunteers and business meetings participants only.  Information professionals interested in becoming actively involed with the group are kindly requested to contact the convenors.  

Useful Addresses


Veerle Minner Van Neygen, Ph.D.
Email: veerle.minner@yahoo.es

Convenor - elect:

Philippe Colomb
Bibliothèque Publique d'Information, Paris, France
Email: philippe.colomb@bpi.fr


Leila Sonkkanen
Pasila Library, Helsinki, Finland
E_mail: Leila.Sonkkanen@hel.fi

Harri Sahavirta
Valilla Library, Helsinki, Finland
Email:  harri.sahavirta@pp.inet.fi

Session Program Organizing Committee:

Ai Cheng Tay
Assistant Chief Executive
Public Libraries
National Library Board
Email: Aicheng@nlb.gov.sg

Sara House
Customer Service Manager
Calgary Public Library
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Email: sara.house@calgarypubliclibrary.com

Rosario Toril Moreno
Documentalista - Special librarian
Centro de Documentación del CENEAM
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino
Paseo Jose María Ruiz Dana s/n
40109 Valsaín (Segovia)
Tf. 921 47 38 70
Email: doc1.ceneam@oapn.es  

Leena Marjatta Siitonen
LIS Professor, Ph.D.
Madrid, Spain
Email: leena.marjas@gmail.com

María Jesús Colmenero Ruiz
Profesora Ayudante Específica
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Dpto. Biblioteconomía y Documentación
Email: mcolmene@bib.uc3m.es

Carmen Jorge García-Reyes
Doctora en Documentación
Profesora Titular (Interina)
Departamento de Biblioteconomía y Documentación
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
C/ Madrid
128 -28903 Getafe (Madrid) Spain
Email: cjorge@bib.uc3m.es


Environmental Sustainability and Libraries

Last update: 24 March 2014