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World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2023

With its explicit references to the importance of access to information and connecting libraries, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Lines remain a key reference point for libraries in engaging in digital policy Read More

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  • 09 March 2023

Internet for Trust

As part of its work to develop principles for the operation of digital platforms, UNESCO is convening the Internet for Trust conference on 22-23 February. IFLA will be represented by Dilara Begum (Bangladesh), who will highlight in particular the role of libraries and information literacy skills in achieving the goals of the conference. Read More

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  • 22 February 2023

The Internet in 2023: Key Issues for Libraries

In the latest of our series of looks ahead on different policy areas, we turn to the internet and wider digital world. Given both our own reliance on technology, as well as its impact on the achievement of wider library goals, evolutions in this space are particularly relevant for our own field to consider. Read More

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  • 27 January 2023

Internet Governance Forum 2022

This year's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) focuses on the topic of Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future. IFLA will be present, working to underline how libraries represent an essential link in the chain between internet access, resilience, and inclusiveness.  Read More

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  • 04 November 2022