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International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Information Integrity

The Advisory Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE), together with the  Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group are pleased to announce the International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Information Integrity under the theme: Building Trust: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Information Integrity. … Read More

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  • 22 March 2024

Project COMLAW: Compared Law Database

Action Plan 2021-2023: Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section. Strategic Direction 2 – Inspire and Enhance Professional Practice COMLAW, the Comparative Law Database, is a project that began during the 2021-2023 term and remains in IFLAPARL’s Action Plan 2023-2025. It is an aggregator of digital, open access… Read More

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  • 20 April 2023

Informed Societies and Integrity in Public Information: Opportunities for Building Back Better and SDG Success with Libraries

In cooperation with the UN Library in New York, IFLA is organising a workshop in the margins of the High-Level Political Forum on 11 July. Library participants from around the world will exchange with diplomats and UN officials in order to identify key themes and issues around how to ensure informed societies and uphold integrity in support of the SDGs. Read More

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  • 06 July 2022

Using the Library of Congress Indigenous Law Portal to Promote Territorial Autonomy

​In the context of the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019, IFLA is highlighting examples of the different ways in which libraries protect, preserve and promote languages, cultures and communities. We're glad to share an article by Rosa Maldonaldo of the Library of Congress about the Indigenous Law Portal and how this is helping to promote autonomy in Bolivia. Read More

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  • 09 August 2019
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