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Would you like to get involved with the Art Libraries Section (ARTLIB)? Here’s how: Explore our projects page – contact the project organiser or Section ChairProvide a translation for one of our resources – contact our Information Coordinator Learn how to become a Standing Committee Member –… Read More

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  • 31 December 2022

Documentary Heritage Making a Difference

UNESCO’s Memory of the World (MoW) Programme  celebrated its 30th anniversary from 27 October - 5 November 2022. This programme seeks to ensure that the documentary heritage of the world is preserved, protected, and accessible – for people now and in the future. Read More

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  • 23 November 2022

Open a window to the world: Qatar Digital Libraries

Art libraries and art librarians have long endeavored to preserve, protect, and make accessible the treasures and expressions of humanity that have been collected in our respective institutions. The IFLA Art Libraries Section recognize and value the history and future of mankind which finds a voice through creative expression. It is an honor to foster connection between heritage objects and the people that we serve. Read More

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  • 22 November 2022

IFLA WLIC 2022 Session 075

Crisis and Creativity: Art Libraries, Outreach and Serving Our Users Sharing the Artists’ Book Experience Remotely. by Claudia Covert (United States) Digital Resources on Digital Resources: Publications to Make Sense of the Online Art History Landscape by Gabrielle J. Karl-Hohnson (United States) A Comparative… Read More

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  • 20 August 2022

IFLA WLIC 2021 Virtual Conference: Diversity and Inclusion in Art Libraries

Session chairs: Lucile Trunel and Isabel Ayresmaringelli Programme: Transformation: Creating an Art Library for the next generation. Presented by Jane Carlin Redefining Collection Diversity an Outreach in Art Libraries. Presented by Li Wei Yang and Simone Fujita Art Libraries in Hungary and Serbia and how our Researchers Interact with Social… Read More

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  • 26 September 2021