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Libraries Inspire: Transcript of the Session with Professor Karima Bennoune

Among the different types of human rights set out in international law, cultural rights have a particular relevance for libraries. Our institutions are key actors in guaranteeing the right of everyone to participate in cultural life, from creativity, to access, to the preservation of heritage. Professor Karima Bennoune, UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights 2015-2021, focused on this topic in her keynote intervention at WLIC 2021. Read More

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  • 03 November 2021

IFLA Participates in COP26: Culture in the Race to Resilience

Global leaders are coming together to discuss plans to achieve global net zero greenhouse gas emissions and to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Alongside this, cultural actors have been active in highlighting the role of culture in enabling the wide-spread societal transformation that achieving these ambitious goals will require. Read More

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  • 03 November 2021

Indigenous Notions of Ownership and Libraries, Archives and Museums

Tangible and intangible forms of indigenous knowledges and cultural expressions are often found in libraries, archives or museums. Often the “legal” copyright is not held by the indigenous people’s group from which the knowledge or cultural expression originates. Indigenous peoples regard unauthorized use of their cultural expressions as theft… Read More

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  • 05 August 2016
  • By: Camille Callison, Camille, Loriene Roy, Loriene and Gretchen Alice LeCheminant (Eds)