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IFLA at the UNCTAD eWeek – The future of libraries in the digital economy

From the 4 to the 8 of December 2023, IFLA participated at the UNCTAD eWeek that was held at the CICG in Geneva. The global voice of libraries remains relevant in these conversations as libraries hold significant value in the digital economy as they ultimately contribute to the growth of a digitally skilled and economically empowered community. Read More

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  • 12 December 2023


IFLA will attend the 2023 UNCTAD eWeek to reaffirm the growing importance of libraries in the digital economy and to explore good practices, possible ways of engaging in partnerships for inclusive digitalization and actionable steps for libraries to help shape an inclusive and sustainable future of the digital economy. Read More

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  • 21 November 2023

The delivery of digital inclusion via libraries’ adaptation to the digital economy

Modern libraries and in particular public libraries have become hubs of economic community growth that offer services and resources that help people access education, the workforce and create small businesses. This becomes increasingly relevant as we approach a peak moment in the global transition towards a more digital economy. Governments must recognize the symbiotic relationship that exists between libraries, digital inclusion and economic growth and therefore engage in the drafting of specific legislation accompanied by financial support that is required to bridge the digital divide. The promotion of digital inclusion needs to be a multi-stakeholder process that remains bottom-up in order to be effective and libraries can participate in this process by actively engaging with the most affected populations. The potential of libraries needs to be recognized not only in digital cooperation strategies but also as a core part of the community's economic infrastructure.  Read More

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  • 17 November 2023

The Internet in 2023: Key Issues for Libraries

In the latest of our series of looks ahead on different policy areas, we turn to the internet and wider digital world. Given both our own reliance on technology, as well as its impact on the achievement of wider library goals, evolutions in this space are particularly relevant for our own field to consider. Read More

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  • 27 January 2023

Digital Inclusion and the public libraries against inequalities in access to information

The internet and digital technologies can be both forces for division and forces for inclusion, in all of economic, social, cultural and civic life. Public libraries can have a key influence for the good, through providing a multi-faceted and multi-layered approach to digital inclusion. This talk will explore the nature of public libraries' diverse contribution, and why they should be at the heart of any strategies for digital inclusion. Read More

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  • 18 October 2022

Digital Inclusion and Libraries in North America: Prospects and Challenges

The Digital Inclusion Team of the IFLA North America Regional Division is pleased to invite you all to its first webinar entitled “Digital Inclusion and Libraries in North America: Prospects and Challenges” to be held on Thursday, October 20th at 2.00 pm EST (1.00 pm Central Time and 11:00 am Pacific Time.  Read More

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  • 02 October 2022