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Would you like to get involved with the Statistics and Evaluation Section (STATSEVAL)? Here’s how: Explore our projects page – contact the project organiser or Section ChairProvide a translation for one of our resources – contact our Information Coordinator Learn how to become a Standing Committee Member –… Read More

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  • 01 January 2023

IFLA Releases Statement on Open Library Data

IFLA's new Statement on Open Library Data calls on governments to ensure, either directly or through supporting others, the collection and open publication of data about libraries and their use. Read More

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  • 11 January 2022

Annual Statistical Survey (2000-2012)

The Statistics collate information from the member libraries including population, number of libraries and staff, budgets, acquisitions, fees, collections and materials, membership, visitors, loans, opening hours, enquiries, internet provision and usage, multicultural activities and outreach services. The Statistics also include website addresses of Metropolitan Libraries Section member libraries. Prior to… Read More

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  • 31 October 2013