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WLIC 2021 Virtual Conference Open Programme by the ENSULIB Section

Green libraries are not only designed to minimize negative impact on the natural environment and maximize indoor environmental quality by means of environmental sustainability, such as careful site selection, use of natural construction materials, conservation of energy and resources, recycling and etc. Rather they focus on related services, activities and projects demonstrating the social role and responsibility of libraries as examples, enablers, and educators in their community. In this session, the winner and runner-ups from the IFLA Green Library Award 2020 competition will present their outstanding exemplary projects. Also the winners for IFLA Green Library Award 2021 will be announced and presented. In 2021 the best green library and the best green library project were awarded. Moreover, a special recognition was given to a submission which made great impression to the Award committee. All contribution are in Pecha Kucha format and they will come from Thailand, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Senegal, Canada, Finland and Cuba. Read More

  • Events
  • 11 August 2021

New Libraries in Old Buildings — Creative Reuse

​ This book focuses on difficulties and opportunities in revitalization of old, derelict or abandoned buildings into a library and investigates the transformation of buildings which originally had a different purpose. The publication shows worldwide best practice examples from different types of libraries in historic environments,… Read More

  • Publications
  • 29 June 2021
  • By: Petra Hauke, Karen Latimer and Robert Niess (Eds)