Past Events from BSLA

IFLA Building Strong Library Associations Global Meeting

30 Mai – 2 Juni 2016 (Manila, Philippines) From: BSLA and LDP

BSLA Workshop in Panama

20 – 22 April 2016 (Biblioteca Nacional de Panamá & Rianade Granada Hotel, Panama City, Panama) From: LDP and BSLA and LAC and MLAS

BSLA Latin America and Caribbean Convening in São Paulo, Brazil

24 – 27 März 2014 (Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil) From: BSLA and LDP

BSLA Asia and Oceania Convening in Jakarta, Indonesia

4 – 7 März 2014 (National Library of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia) From: BSLA and LDP

BSLA Africa Convening in Kumasi, Ghana

11 – 14 Februar 2014 (KNUST Library, Kumasi, Ghana) From: BSLA and LDP

First Regional IFLA Conference in the Arab region

10 – 13 Juni 2013 (Qatar) From: CLM and BSLA