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Mobilising Libraries for Cultural Diversity: Next-Steps Informed by the UNESCO 2005 Convention

IFLA observed the Session of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Read on for key take-aways and ideas for how the library field can use this is inform their activity and advocacy in the future.

10 Februar 2021 | Access to information, Advocacy, Cultural heritage, Development, Digital divide

Libraries Preserving and Providing Access to Culture and Heritage in 2021

Memory, traditions, and creative expressions allow people to share their ideas and values with others. Here are some key areas relating to culture and heritage where IFLA plans to have an impact in 2021.

18 Januar 2021 | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Audiovisual and multimedia resources, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digitisation, Disaster management, Disaster relief, Library as place, Lifelong learning, Multicultural populations, Multilingualism, Peace, Preservation, Risk assessment, Risk Register, Success stories, Sustainability

Guadalajara named as World Book Capital 2022

The title of UNESCO World Book Capital 2022 will fall to Guadalajara, Mexico. From 23 April 2022, the city will host a year-long programme of events celebrating books, reading and libraries.

5 November 2020 | Literacy, Reading, Social inclusion, Mexico, UNESCO World Book Capital

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