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What is the value of coaching?

Coaching image Join Catharina Isberg (Sweden), Barbara Wennheden (Sweden) and Bergita Shannon (Australia) as they explore the role of coaching, particularly in terms of its value for developing library and information professionals for the future. This free webinar will be held on 28 May 2019. Check the CPDWL webinar page for full details of the speakers and their interest in the topic of coaching.

10 Mai 2019

Save the date for the next free NPSIG/CPDWL webinar!

On 9 April 2019 you can learn all about the benefits of international exchange programmes with a panel of speakers who will share their ideas!

15 März 2019

IFLA WLIC 2019: Joint session with CPDWL and E4GDH SIG

We live in a world of challenges and uncertainties: LIS professionals need new skills in learning and development to support their users and communities. Send us your proposal to share your strategies to build and transfer knowledge!

13 Februar 2019

IFLA WLIC 2019: CPDWL Open Session

Submit your ideas for the CPDWL open session: Navigating your own professional development: Effective use of the 2016 IFLA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development. Proposals due 15 March 2019.

13 Februar 2019

IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting 2019: Call for Papers

Zagreb image Join us for the IFLA CPDWL Satellite Meeting 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. We are now inviting proposals for papers and presentations.

12 Januar 2019

Free webinar: Library services for teenagers in the digital age

Don't miss our webinar discussion on how to support teenagers in your library (Thursday, 10 January 2019)

5 Januar 2019

CPDWL wins the 2018 IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award

In August 2018, CPDWL was proud to have been named by the Professional Committee as the winner of the inaugural IFLA Dynamic Unit and Impact Award.

10 Oktober 2018 | Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning, IFLA Professional Awards, Dynamic Unit and Impact Award

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