3 Oktober 2017

New IFLA Standard: IFLA Library Reference Model: A Conceptual Model for Bibliographic Information

By Claire McGuire

The Committee on Standards is please to announce the publication of the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM): A Conceptual Model for Bibliographic Information, which was endorsed by the IFLA Professional Committee in August 2017.

IFLA LRM is a high-level conceptual reference model developed within an entity-relationship modelling framework. It is the consolidation of the separately developed IFLA conceptual models: FRBR, FRAD, FRSAD.

IFLA LRM was developed to resolve inconsistencies between the three separate models. Every user task, entity, attribute and relationship from the original three models was examined, definitions had to be revised, but also some remodeling was required in order to develop a meaningful consolidation.

The result is a single, streamlined, and logically consistent model that covers all aspects of bibliographic data and that at the same time brings the modelling up-to-date with current conceptual modelling practices.

IFLA LRM was designed to be used in linked data environments and to support and promote the use of bibliographic data in linked data environments.

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