International Research in LIS


26 Mai 2021




An introductory talk by Peter Lor will clarify what is meant by international and comparative research in our field, what can be learned from such research, and outline what special pitfalls and challenges are to be considered. It will be followed by a panel of LIS journal editors discussing and evaluating the international and comparative LIS research submitted to their journals. Authors of two papers accepted for the Dublin Meeting will give brief presentations on their work.

Speaker: Peter Lor
Panel with Journal Editors:
Steve Witt (IFLA Journal)
Kendra Albright
Theo Bothma (Libri)
Dr. Juan Daniel Machin Mastromatteo (Information Development)

Moderator: Krystyna Matusiak (LTR Chair)

Webinar facilitators: Egbert Sanchez and Stefan Schmunk (LTR members)

Register for free and join in the webinar on 26 May 2021, 17.00 - 18.30 CEST
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Suggested Audience: Librarians, researchers, and students interested in international library research

Level of interaction: Webinar - Panel (3+ speakers) discussion with Q&A

Duration of event: 90 minutes

Language(s) subtitling and translations available: English - Automatic closed-captioning

Accessibility: Automatic closed-captioning

Organiser: Krystyna Matusiak -

Webinar, Library Theory and Research

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