Libraries, Archives, Museums, Monuments & Sites (LAMMS)

The five international organisations for cultural heritage, IFLA (libraries), ICA (archives), ICOM (museums), ICOMOS (monuments & sites) and CCAAA (audiovisual archives), have a longstanding relation of cooperation and now agreed to intensify cooperation between their organisations in those areas where libraries, archives, museums, monuments and sites have mutual interests and activities.

In the LAMMS group, the leadership of the international NGOs has formed a Committee to facilitate discussion on and to promote understanding of and further cooperation on matters of common interest to the cultural heritage sector.

All parties recognize the importance of moving towards a mutual agenda to strengthen advocacy for the role and position of libraries, archives, museums, monuments, and sites in the knowledge society of today and tomorrow, and to safeguard the world's cultural written, visual, and built heritage.  The LAMMS Committee is supported by the presidents of IFLA, ICA, ICOM, ICOMOS, and CCAAA.

The focus of the LAMMS Committee currently lies in the following areas:

  • copyright and other legal matters
  • political lobby
  • preservation and protection of cultural heritage
  • global digital libraries
  • standardization

The LAMMS group supports the work of  the ENUMERATE project.

The LAMMS initiative is strongly supported by several stakeholders, such as the Conference of Directors of National Libraries (CDNL) and the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI).  The intensified and renewed cooperation was initiated in November 2008 by Claudia Lux, IFLA President 2007-2009. The basis for the LAMMS initiative was laid by an IFLA Governing Board Working Group that focuses on advancing the convergence agenda.

The LAMMS secretariat is hosted by IFLA; for more information.  The meetings of the LAMMS Committee are on invitation only.

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