Info Literacy & Reference Services 2013 pre-conference in Singapore

Re-defining and refining Information Literacy and Reference Services in the digital age


15 – 16 Agosto 2013


National Library Building, Singapore


In today’s digital age, reference services and information literacy (IL) are more interconnected and relevant than ever. Librarians are required to improve their own IL competency to provide better IL instruction to users, leading to increasingly digital-savvy users who are able to find information on their own. As a result, librarians are faced with fewer but more difficult reference enquiries. With the growth of digital materials, users are gaining more direct access to information – creating a shift in resources from reference services to IL, research assistance and outreach – a true challenge for reference services.

Additionally, the rapid development of digital and social media tools has brought about new innovations such as virtual reference, instant messaging, and other forms of online engagement – each of which brings its own challenges and opportunities.

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Jointly Organized by

  • Information Literacy and Outreach Team, National Library Board. Singapore
  • IFLA Information Literacy Section and
  • IFLA Reference & Information Services Section

Preconference, Information Literacy, Singapore

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