Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Division: Library Types

The Section of Health and Biosciences Libraries represents and acts as a forum for special libraries concerned with all aspects of information dissemination and services in relation to the health sciences and biological sciences. The Section's general aims include the promotion of cooperation between biological and health sciences libraries; the facilitating of the development and the application of new technology relevant to those libraries; the consideration of means for better provision for health care information to health care consumers; the promotion of cooperative activity between national and international library associations of biological and medical sciences libraries and the promotion of cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant international bodies.

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Health and Biosciences Libraries, Sections

Última actualización: 13 Abril 2017

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Call for Hosting International Congress of Medical Librarianship (ICML) 2021

The IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries Section invites expressions of interest to host the 13th International Congress on Medical Librarianship (ICML) in 2021. The ICML takes place in a city selected through a competitive process. The Congress normally attracts 500+ attendees from around the world.

6 Junio 2017

Programme -Tuesday 22 August 2017 1:45 -3:45 pm IASE Conference Room Centennial Hall Wroclaw

Session 162: Achieving a Healthy Future Together: Diverse and Emerging Roles for Health Information Professionals

11 Mayo 2017

WLIC 2017 Call for Papers: Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Theme: Achieving a healthy future together: diverse and emerging roles for health information professionals

17 Noviembre 2016