IFLA WLIC Call for Papers

IFLA WLIC  open session and satellite meeting Call for Papers are collected on our conference website.  There are several things concerning the Calls that you should be aware of.

While Call for Papers do not need to be approved by the IFLA Professional Committee or IFLA Headquarters before distribution, be aware that all open session programme proposals will be reviewed at the December IFLA Professional Committee meeting . On rare occasions, this results in the need to modify a proposal and its corresponding Call for Papers. It is therefore recommended that the Calls for Papers are sent out after the approval of the programmes. Please consult with Section SC members or SIG Convenors to help determine the status. 

We have a few requests when you're ready to go live with a Call for Papers: 

  1.  Send the text of the Call to papers@ifla.org; we will create a webpage on the IFLA WLIC website and send you back the corresponding URL; 
  2.  Create a (short) News item in your unit announcing the call
    • Health and Biosciences Libraries Section
    • Library Buildings and Equipment Section
    • Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section

      Note that because full information will be included on the WLIC website, you will only need to make a short, introductory text that includes a link to the full call on the WLIC site. The most up-to-date version along with any translations of the call can then be available in one central location.

      It is also advisable to have your entry on the WLIC website in place before submitting the call to any discussion lists—this way you can add a URL to any messages that you circulate and prospective authors see the call in the full context of the WLIC programme.

  3.  Use the conference link in any subsequent News item or webpage concerning the Call in your Unit's web space; 
  4.  Keep your Conferences submenu webpages up-to-date; add links to current Call(s) and keep links to previous conference session proceedings current.  All submitted WLIC conference papers are stored in our institutional repository, the IFLA Library

Please note that you will not have access to the WLIC website, so any requests concerning your listing (e.g. adding translations, making updates, corrections, deadline extensions, etc.) should be sent to papers@ifla.org.

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