22 Septiembre 2020

APrIGF 2020 Virtual Conference

The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is going to arrange a free virtual conference from September 27-30, hosted by APrIGF MSG and executed by APrIGF Secretariat. The
theme of this conference is Internet Governance for Good: Norms, Standards and Mechanisms. This is a regional conference on public policy issues around Internet governance and the Internet as a platform for library services is critical to our work.

IFLA has great roles at APrIGF by arranging a workshop. This year, the virtual APrIGF seems to be an especially good opportunity for us to attend. The full programme is available at https://ap.rigf.asia/#2020program

You can attend the following sessions and make this conference successful:
 The opening and closing plenaries, with high-level panel discussions;
 The workshop on ‘accessibility’ which follows the opening plenary;
 The IFLA workshop on Access to information: a holistic approach to meaningful digital inclusion, Wednesday 30 September, 05.15 06.15 UTC.
  The ‘town hall’ sessions which are opportunities for all participants to reflect on the matters discussed each day and summarize them to make contributions to the ‘Synthesis document’, the official outcomes document from APrIGF which is then submitted to the global IGF.

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