Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC)

The IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC) has one major goal: to ensure that library and archive materials, published and unpublished, in all formats, will be preserved in accessible form for as long as possible according to the following principles:

  • preservation is essential to the survival and development of culture and scholarship;
  • international cooperation is a key principle;
  • each country must accept responsibility for the preservation of its own publications.

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PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Strategic Programmes

Última actualización: 13 Abril 2017

Latest News

Culture and the SDGs - Culture Summit 2017

Governing Board Member Ngian Lek Choh represented IFLA at the 2nd UCLG Culture Summit in Jeju, Korea from 10-12 May.

12 Mayo 2017

Libraries safeguarding cultural heritage

Documentary works in all formats, including digital, are a key part of our cultural heritage. Working with, preserving, and safeguarding them in order to provide access to future generations is at the core of the work of libraries globally.

10 Mayo 2017

WLIC2017 PAC Open Session

The IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation invites interested professionals to submit proposals for the open session to be held in Wrocław, Poland, 19-25 August 2017

23 Enero 2017