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The IFLA News Media Section started its work as a Working Group on Newspapers and continued in 1989 as a Round Table under the IFLA Section on Serial Publications. According to the amendment of IFLA’s statutes the Round Table on Newspapers became an independent Section in 2003. Originally the Section’s work concentrate on projects to improve and preserve access to local, national and international newspaper collections mainly in print and on microfilm. Given the Digital Age, the today’s scope of the Section’s work is much broader, among others it comprises:

  • Best-practice of digitisation of newspapers from print and microfilm;
  • Metadata standards, capture and enichment, consistency and harmony for digitised historical newspapers, born digital newspapers and online newspapers and news;
  • Web-harvesting, cataloguing and archiving of born digital newspapers (web editions, e-papers);
  • Automated workflows for the identification, collection and preservation of digital news media;
  • Long-term preservation of digitised and born digital newspapers;
  • Legal deposit and copyright issues;
  • Development of user-oriented services for digital news and newspapers;
  • Presentation of digital resources: collaboration of libraries, archives and museums;
  • News in multiple scripts and multiple languages: challenges in access and preservation;
  • Marketing and promotion of news library services;
  • Preservation and conservation of brittle newspaper originals;
  • World-wide cooperation, sharing experiences and learning from each other;
  • Collaboration between news producers/aggregators and libraries.

For all these purposes the Section organises regularly a mid-term conference and a session at IFLA's General Conference and Assembly, please have a look at the Calendar of Events and Call for Papers. Proceedings were published within the De Gruyter Saur publication series.

The Standing Committee Members communicate continuously by email and meet regularly twice a year during the mid-term conference in April and at IFLA's General Conference and Assembly in August.

The Section is networking with other professional actors and cultivates partnerships and cooperations on various levels with the following projects, initiatives and activities:

  • IFLA Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation (PAC)
  • IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Digital Strategies (ICADS)
  • International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON)

One of the major projects for the time being is the creation of "Guidelines for the Digitisation of Newspapers“. If you are interested to contribute to this electronic publication, please send an email either to the Chair or to the Information Coordinator.

If you would like to join the Section, become a new IFLA Member or – if you are already an IFLA Member – please register for a small additional fee for the Section 39 Newspapers.

Some useful electronic resources and collections:

For any comments and/or additions to the Newsp Media Section's web pages please contact the web editor.

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