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Business coaching focuses on aligning organisational and individual goals to improve individual performance and to ensure that the organisation's mission is achieved.

Wanted: Coaches!  We need your help!

  • Do you have experience in coaching?

  • Are you willing to learn how to coach?

The CPDWL coaching initiative will offer a new coaching session during the WLIC in Athens. This year this is a collaboration between CPDWL and Management & Marketing. We are now looking for coaches.

There will be a variety of leadership, management, supervision and other topics for the participants. The goal is to further your own development as a coach by meeting with an individual to discuss their career and professional development.

If you are interested in being a coach during the Coaching session at WLIC in Athens, send your expression of interest to:

Cindy Hill, Member of the Coaching initiative workgroup and the Management & Marketing SC,

Supporting materials

For further information about CPDWL's coaching initiative, please contact:

Catharina Isberg, Convenor of the Coaching initiative and Secretary CPDWL,

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