Satellite Meetings

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The IFLA Guidelines for Satellite Meetings outlines the formal arrangements that must be met for all IFLA Satellite Meetings.

Specific information and forms for upcoming WLIC Satellite Meetings

2020 Dublin, Ireland

The IFLA Professional Committee is asking all Professional Units to start their planning with regard to Satellite Meetings connected to the IFLA WLIC 2020 in Dublin, Ireland from 15-21 August.

The National Committee has compiled a list of possible hosts in Ireland. IFLA Headquarters can provide this to you upon request (
Professional Units are also welcome to work with other hosts of their choice as long as they are located in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Please use the following documents:

Information for Units planning a Satellite Meeting

What is the purpose of a Satellite Meeting

Satellite Meetings allow IFLA Professional Units to devote more time to a specific topic than is available during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.

Satellite meetings are not part of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. They serve as a gateway to the IFLA World Library and Information Congress and must be organised as close as possible to the Congress, both in geographic location and chosen dates. Overall, it is important that a Satellite Meeting is supportive of IFLA’s Strategy.

Planning a Satellite Meeting

Every year, the Professional Committee will determine the locations where Satellite Meetings can be held. The approved locations will be shared each year after the location for the upcoming Congress is announced.

Satellite Meetings are organized by IFLA Professional Units, but the host organization carries the legal and financial responsibility, unless specifically agreed otherwise with IFLA. Professional units must clarify logistics including websites with the host organisation.

All Satellite Meetings must be approved by the IFLA Professional Committee and proposals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Financing the Meeting

 Satellite Meeting organisers are welcome to contact regular IFLA Exhibitors and Sponsors regarding sponsorship of a Satellite Meeting, but preferably no earlier than 12 months before the Satellite Meeting is due to take place (that is from September of the previous year). This gives the WLIC organisers time to approach these regular contacts first. There is no need to inform IFLA Headquarters of any sponsorship agreements during the planning stage of a Satellite Meeting, however, at some point in time (usually in November), IFLA Headquarters will ask all Professional Units to inform them of any sponsorship deals (for Satellite Meetings, but also for workshops, publications, or any other activity)  in order to make sure that the IFLA Corporate Supporters get the appropriate recognition within IFLA.

Satellite Meetings organisers may charge participants a registration fee to cover (some of) the costs as long as the aim is not to make a profit, but to break-even (that is, there should be no planned profit or loss). If surplus funds are generated, they are distributed as set out in the agreement between IFLA and the host organisation.

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