About the IFLA Risk Register

​[Leaflet on the Risk Register]

The Risk Register is maintained by IFLA, aligned with the work of Blue Shield partners (ICA, ICOM, ICOMOS, and CCAAA) as well as UNESCO, CDNL, other relevant external bodies and IFLA Sections. While the project aims to serve IFLA’s needs in developing a risk register for the library sector, it has the broader aim of compatibility with Blue Shield and UNESCO activities in the area of safeguarding cultural heritage for future generations. 

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The Risk Register complements external projects/programmes IFLA is involved in, such as the UNESCO PERSIST Project and the Memory of the World.

The Risk Register sets out to identify documentary heritage collections at risk from destruction, through either natural or man-made disasters. The Register lists collections of documentary heritage or artefacts in all regions/countries worldwide. Information is not accessible to the general public. 

IFLA has developed an online webform to enable libraries and holders of documentary heritage collections to easily and effectively register their collections.  

Dernière mise à jour: 30 novembre 2016