Action Plans

Producing your Action Plan

We have provided a template, which you should complete and submit by 31st October:

  • Action Plan template and Resource Request Form [DOC]

Full guidance on turning this report into a web page are available in the Information Coodinators space: instructions for converting the Action Plan into a webpage [login required].

If you plan to request any funding, please read the information on project funding and the Guidelines for Admin Funds allocations and reimbursements [PDF].

Why you need an Action Plan

An Action Plan for your Professional Unit is essential because it focuses on getting results and maximising the impact of your work.  It should answer the following questions:

  • What are you going to achieve this year?  These are your Objectives.
  • What will you do to meet your objectives?  These are your projects or activities.
  • What are the specific things you will do on each project or activity?  These are the tasks.
  • Who will do the tasks?  When will they do them?  How will they do them?  What do they need?  These are responsibilities, timeline and  resources.
  • How will you communicate your achievements?  This is the communications plan.
  • How will you know you have succeeded?  These are the measures of success.

Implementing your Action Plan

When you implement your Action Plan, you must regularly monitor and report back on your progress. 

We recommend that you report on progress at least monthly to your Section Standing Committee and quarterly to your Members, Division Chair and IFLA Headquarters. 

We also expect you to prepare a Section Annual Report, which highlights your achievements and the impact of your work.

Connecting your Action Plan with the IFLA Strategic Plan

Your Action Plan should be done within the context of the IFLA Strategic Plan and the IFLA Global Vision project. The Strategic Plan has 4 broad Strategic Directions.

The full version of the Strategic Plan

Other information

Slides from the IFLA WLIC 2015 Market Session "The New IFLA Strategic Plan: Getting Your Section Engaged" [PDF]

Mapping of all 2017-2018 Action Plans to the Key Initiatives: available in Basecamp (log-in only for Officers and SIG Conveners).

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