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Social Science Libraries are special libraries supporting research and practice in the broad domain of the Social Sciences. Thus the section includes for example big Business Libraries as well as small research institute libraries in the fields of linguistics or anthropology.

Following the extensional definition by H.P. Hogeweg-de Haart (FID, 1981), i.e. the UNESCO definition plus other disciplines the Social Sciences include the following disciplines: ... anthropology, communication science, criminology, demography, economics, education, environmental planning, futurology, geography, history, labour science, law, library and information science, linguistics, management science, philosophy, political science, public administration, psychology, social policy, sociology, statistics, science of religion, science of science ...

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This Section is sponsoring: Religions: Libraries and Dialogue Special Interest Group.

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The workshop is free, but requires a registration and is limited to 30 participants. Lunch will be served.

26 Mai 2017

2016 Call for papers: Social Sciences Libraries Section joint with Asia and Oceania Section

IFLA Social Sciences Libraries Section in collaboration with Asia and Oceania Section is seeking papers on the topic of "User Experience (UX) and Social Science Libraries in the Digital Age"

20 Janvier 2016

2015 Call for Papers: IFLA Social Sciences Section Satellite Conference Windhoek

Theme: The Role of Libraries and Information Centres in Supporting National Development

3 Novembre 2014