This Strategy has been made possible by the ideas and energy of the global library field.

Yet it is a milestone, not a destination. It is not only a document to be read, but to be used, because everyone has a role in building our future. Its success will be our success, but it depends on each of us to play our part.

The four Strategic Directions and sixteen Key Initiatives are therefore a framework for the thousands, if not the millions of individual actions which will be necessary to transform our field and achieve our vision.

We need you to reflect on what actions you can take that contribute to the goals of the Strategy, both individually and collectively. What can you do to share its message, and to inspire and engage others, just as you have been inspired and engaged?

Share your actions, build your connections, and spread the word – take a look at the stories of engagement between Members and the Strategy, and between Units and the Strategy.

Together, we can build a strong and united library field, powering literate, informed and participatory societies.