More about the Big Data Special Interest Group

The Information Technology Section believes that there are diverse aspects of Big Data that need focused attention by IFLA over the next few years, including:

  • uses and benefits of Big Data from a library management context
  • the application of Big Data from a library service and support perspective
  • the value-add role of libraries in Big Data
  • promote open source standards and frameworks for big data
  • public access to Big Data and e-Government
  • privacy and governance
  • technology related issues including:
    • rights to correct/update information
    • retention periods of information
    • infrastructure,  framework, and applications
    • organizing and accessing data
    • data mining, visualization, and analysis
    • data analytics (discovery and communication of meaningful patterns)​​

Community and mailing list

BIGDATA: This list is used to distribute and share information, and communicate with subscribers of the Big Data SIG.

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Last update: 9 July 2019