About the Information Technology Section


The Information Technology (IT) Section promotes and advances the application of information and computing technologies to library and information services in all societies, through activities related to best practices and standards, education and training, research, and the marketplace. The scope covers IT for creation, organization, storage, maintenance, access, retrieval, and transfer of information and documents for all types of libraries and information centers; IT for the operation of libraries and information centers; and, related management and policy issues. Of primary importance are applications of IT for supporting access to and delivery of information. In recent years the use of use of technology in libraries have expanded to cover improved machine learning and AI techniques, digital humanities, and data analytics.

IFLA-IT Mailing List

The IFLA-IT mailing list is a forum for members to exchange ideas and experience on the use of information and communication technologies in libraries. It is also used to communicate Section events and updates. Join now!

To send messages to the list, send your email to ifla-it@iflalists.org

Information Technology

Last update: 19 June 2017