About the UNIMARC Strategic Programme

Succeeding to the IFLA UBCIM Strategic Programme, the IFLA UNIMARC Strategic Programme was established in 2003 with the responsibility for the maintenance and development of the Universal MARC format (UNIMARC), originally created by IFLA to facilitate the international exchange of bibliographic data.

The purpose of the UNIMARC Strategic Programme is to coordinate activities aimed at the development, maintenance and promotion of the UNIMARC format, now a set of four formats - Bibliographic, Authorities, Classification and Holdings - and related documentation, through the Permanent UNIMARC Committee (PUC). For a brief overview of the history, aims and general structure of UNIMARC see UNIMARC: an introduction. Understanding the UNIMARC format.

The UNIMARC Strategic Programme liaises with IFLA Division III - Division of Library Services activities. Whenever relevant, the UNIMARC Strategic Programme also liaises with other international organizations such as ISO TC46, the ISBN, ISSN and other standard number international agencies, ICA/CDS - Committee on Descriptive Standards and the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL).

By agreement established with IFLA, the UNIMARC Strategic Programme has been hosted by the National Library of Portugal since 2003.

Contact Address

Maria Inês Cordeiro
Director, IFLA UNIMARC Strategic Programme

Interim Chair of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee

National Library of Portugal
Campo Grande 83
1749-081 LISBON
Portugal Tel. +351 217982022
Fax +351 217982140
Email: icordeiro@bn.pt

Mailing List

UNIMARC-DIS is intended to promote international cooperation among librarians and other professionals using or interested in the UNIMARC formats. UNIMARC-DIS provides a medium for exchanging information and experiences, seeking assistance with difficult questions, promoting common professional interests and concerns, and encouraging cooperation.

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Last update: 31 March 2015