Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP)

Building Better Library Communities

The IFLA Action for Development through Libraries Programme (IFLA ALP) works in collaboration with libraries, library associations, partner organisations and library professionals in developing and emerging countries to deliver relevant, sustainable activities for equitable access to information and better library communities.

IFLA ALP delivers community-led change through its training programmes, online learning activities and other opportunities, and access to IFLA’s international network. IFLA ALP is based on a platform of policies and standards developed and endorsed by IFLA at the international level, and local priorities at the grassroots level.

IFLA ALP works at three levels to provide:

  • Opportunity: to participate in the broader sector, to be represented
  • Empowerment: through capacity building for the development and sustainability of library communities, including associations, institutions and individuals
  • Expertise: Through IFLA’s professional programme (guidelines, standards), networking, events, advocacy for libraries in society and the knowledge society

ALP aims to strengthen the ability of the library and information sector to advocate for equitable access to information and resilient, sustainable library communities. We will achieve this through the following strands of IFLA ALP:

We evaluate the impact of our work and turn outcomes into policy, guidelines and standards for further development of the LIS sector (Advancing the Professional Agenda).

The ALP Programme was launched in 1984 at the IFLA Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme), Strategic Programmes, Development

Last update: 17 February 2017

Latest News

2017 Call for BSLA project proposals

IFLA invites library associations to submit a proposal for Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) projects commencing in 2017.

20 February 2017

Congo Creates Library Association Following BSLA Workshop in French-Speaking Africa

Our latest BSLA workshop brought together library leaders from French-speaking Africa, teaching them innovative skills and practices, and enabling them to take an active part in advocacy for the development of libraries in their country. The workshop outcomes were stronger library associations across the French-speaking countries of Africa, as well as a new national library association in Congo.

9 August 2016

IFLA President’s Session in Columbus

The IFLA President’s Session will focus on how libraries have been responding to the continual changes in the information environment. Four high-level speakers will present keynote thoughts on how emerging trends since the launch of the IFLA Trend Report in 2013 have continued to pose challenges and opportunities for the information sector, and how innovative actors are responding to those challenges with new services and approaches to information provision.

9 August 2016