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Universal Availability of Publications Core Activity (UAP)

Archive - Historical Material

Closure of the IFLA UAP/OIL Core Activity and Office

The IFLA Universal Availability of Publications Core Activity (UAP) and Office for International Lending (OIL), which has been hosted by the British Library at Boston Spa, United Kingdom, since the late 1970s, closed on 31st March 2003.

Although the UAP/OIL office is closed, we are very pleased that it has been possible to continue some of the successful UAP initiatives.

Responsibility for the Interlending & Document Supply International Conference series has transferred to the IFLA Document Delivery and Interlending Section

The IFLA Governing Board has decided that the very popular International Interlending Voucher Scheme continues by IFLA HQ in The Hague.

The sale of the IFLA International Loan/Photocopy Request Forms will continue to be handled by the British Library in the short term.

Short History

UAP has achieved a great deal over the past 25 years. Universal Availability of Publications has been an ideal and an objective as well as a programme. It has given practical support to those engaged in international interlending by collecting and publicising information about the practice of international interlending, conducting and encouraging research in the area and by providing a range of specialised services.

IFLA would like to acknowledge the contribution of all who have been concerned in this valuable contribution to the ideal of achieving the widest possible availability of published material. In this connection we should especially like to mention Maurice Line and Graham Cornish, both former directors of UAP. We would also like to express our thanks to the host institution, the British Library for generously maintaining UAP and OIL over many years, during times when funding for international activities has been scarce.

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