Collectively, IFLA’s committees – our Sections, Special Interest Groups, Advisory Committees, Review Groups and beyond – represent the biggest brains trust in the library field. Individually, they each provide a unique platform for learning, exchanging, and developing work that advances every aspect of the global library field.

To fulfil their potential, our committees rely on dedicated, insightful and expert volunteers, ready to give their time and energy. In turn, active engagement in an IFLA committee can be an excellent professional and personal experience, providing you with new knowledge, networks and friendships that you cannot access otherwise.

We strongly encourage all members of our committees therefore to make the time available to prepare for and participate actively in meetings, and to consider running for leadership roles such as chairs, vice-chairs, secretaries or information coordinators.

However, even without this, you may be able to help by contributing to publications, organising webinars or training activities, preparing communications and advocacy materials, and in many other ways.

Make the most of the opportunity membership of a committee offers to contribute to the success of the global library field!