IFLA Governing Board

The IFLA Governing Board comprises:

  • Vicki McDonald (President)
  • Leslie Weir (President-elect)
  • Jaap Naber (Treasurer)
  • Kirsten Boelt (Member-at-large)
  • Dilara Begum (Member-at-large)
  • Stuart Hamilton (Member-at-large)
  • Silvia Stasselová (Member-at-large)
  • Nthabiseng Kotsokoane (Member-at-large)
  • Te Paea Paringatai (Chair, Professional Council)
  • Alejandro Lorenzo César Santa (Chair, Regional Council)
  • Loida Garcia-Febo (Chair, Management of Library Associations Section)
  • Sharon Memis (Secretary General, Governing Board Secretary, non-member)

Remuneration policy

The members of the board shall not receive any remuneration for their activities. The Federation shall cover the costs of attendance of all Governing Board members for up to two Governing Board meetings per year.

Rule 16.6.4 – IFLA Rules of Procedure

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The IFLA Code of Ethics and Conduct for the Members of the Governing Board outlines a set of fundamental principles to help the Governing Board define what is right, fair, just and good for IFLA in meeting its mission and purpose. The objective of this Code is to ensure that high standards of behavior are observed by all IFLA Governing Board members in their roles as directors of IFLA.