Building Strong Library Associations

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Building Strong Library Associations is a comprehensive programme offering a strategic and coordinated approach to capacity building and sustainability of library associations. The programme benefits associations, libraries, and their communities.

The Building Strong Library Associations programme consists of:

  • A modular, customizable training package on library association development 
  • IFLA's policy-based learning materials
  • Mentoring and advice on forming partnerships
  • Cross-association activities, to bring participants together
  • An online platform to provide remote access to materials

Training materials and activities can be customized to meet the needs of different associations, and different language, cultural, political, social and other conditions.

The programme is delivered by the Action for Development through Libraries (ALP) programme.

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Last update: 8 August 2016

Latest News

2017 Call for BSLA project proposals

IFLA invites library associations to submit a proposal for Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) projects commencing in 2017.

20 February 2017 | ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme), Advocacy, Development, Management, Networking, Sustainability, Building Strong Library Associations, BSLA

Congo Creates Library Association Following BSLA Workshop in French-Speaking Africa

Our latest BSLA workshop brought together library leaders from French-speaking Africa, teaching them innovative skills and practices, and enabling them to take an active part in advocacy for the development of libraries in their country. The workshop outcomes were stronger library associations across the French-speaking countries of Africa, as well as a new national library association in Congo.

9 August 2016 | ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme), Advocacy, Development, Management, Networking, Sustainability, Congo, BSLA, Frenchspeaking Africa, Library Association

Building Strong Library Associations Programme successfully completes current round of activities

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries Initiative partnered with IFLA to support the Building Strong Library Associations programme over three years from 2013-2016. At the conclusion of this grant in August 2016, the programme has achieved or exceeded its objectives. The programme will continue in 2017.

5 August 2016