Building Strong Library Associations programme manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide a comprehensive overview of the BSLA programme, and its management from the perspective of IFLA, associations using the programme, and partner organizations. It provides guidance on planning projects and activities and evaluation. If you are planning a BSLA project, or participating as a trainer, the manual includes all of the information and documentation needed to run the programme effectively.

BSLA programme manual - PDF

Annexes (templates and attachments):

Annex 1: An introduction to BSLA – Powerpoint presentation
Annex 2: Blended learning specification – PDF
Annex 3: BSLA Impact Report 2012
Annex 4: List of Case studies by module
Annex 5: List of accredited BSLA trainers
Annex 6: BSLA Introduction and Trainers Guide
Annex 7 : BSLA project proposal form
Annex 8: Sample project proposal – "Leadership for municipal public libraries: training of 12 trainers who will deliver a cascade training throughout the country", Bulgarian Library and Information Association
Annex 9: Project assessment form
Annex 10: MOU Template
Annex 10a: Guidelines for financial reports
Annex 10b: Guidelines for narrative and impact reports
Annex 11: Template for final narrative and impact reports
Annex 12: Blank invoice for financial reports
Annex 13: Association presentation template
Annex 14: Evaluating Small Projects within the BSLA Programme
Annex 15: Evaluation Framework – Full Framework for Programme Managers
Annex 15a: Evaluation Framework – Regional framework
Annex 16: Member and non-member survey (start of project)
Annex 17a: Document analysis
Annex 17b: Focus group template
Annex 17c: Post-workshop assessment form
Annex 18a: Perceptions of change template
Annex 18b: Member and non-member survey (end of project)

Last update: 5 December 2017