Action Plan, 2016-2017

The Cataloguing Section analyses the functions of cataloguing activities for all types of material and media, including both bibliographic and authority information, for the benefit of all users.
The Section proposes and develops cataloguing rules, guidelines, and standards for bibliographic information, taking into account the developing of electronic and networked digital environments in order to promote universal access to, and exchange of, bibliographic and authority information.

Objectives of Professional Unit 2016-17:

1. Further common understanding of the IFLA UBC standards.
2. Smooth transition of the formal responsibility for the FRBR RG and the ISBD RG from the CATS to the CoS
3. Ongoing work with development and maintenance of IFLA standards.
4. Continue to strengthen the cooperation with other IFLA UBC Sections, more specifically the Bibliography Section and the Subject Analysis and Access Section.

These objectives all fall within the scope of the first IFLA strategic direction 2016-2021: “Libraries in society”. They are also closely tied to key initiative 1.4: “[promote] IFLA standards to support libraries in the provision of services to their communities”. The key initiative text goes on to state that this is achieved by “developing and continuously updating IFLA Standards and Guidelines, promoting their uptake by libraries worldwide”, another key object of the CATS SC work.

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