Back to the webinar “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Digital Preservation”

The IFLA Information Technology and Preservation and Conservation sections, along with the Artificial Intelligence SIG, organized a webinar on the intersection of artificial intelligence and heritage and culture preservation in the context of libraries. The event is a milestone on the challenging exploration of that topic.

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  • 21 June 2024

When Hangzhou Meets Milan: A Joint Endeavor by Hangzhou and Milan Public Libraries Showcases “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition

The “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition, a collaborative project between Hangzhou Public Library and its international sister library, Milan Public Library, was successfully held in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to November 30,2023. Beyond strengthening the connection between libraries, the exhibition also aimed to foster mutual respect and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to the advancement of the creative and cultural industries in both cities.

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  • 19 February 2024

Upcoming Webinar: From fake news to infodemic

In this webinar you will learn more about infodemic as a concept and how we went from fake news to infodemic in the last five years; about training initiatives at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ASEAN-USAID PROSPECT in Jakarta, Indonesia. You will also hear the clarion call on the role of the librarian in advocacy and the skills needed to fight infodemic and infobesity.

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  • 05 October 2022

Mobilising for intellectual freedom: interview with the Observatory on Censorship of the Italian Library Association

In the first of an occasional series about how national library associations are addressing questions around freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, we asked the Italian Library Association (AIB) about their experiences, and the lessons they can share. 

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  • 03 October 2022

Libraries for digital and information welfare: AIB (Italian Library Association) for “Repubblica digitale”

Libraries need to be at the heart of discussions around digital policies and internet governance. This is not just because of how much we depend on these in order to be able to do our jobs, but also because our profession brings unique perspectives and skills. To find out how this is happening in Italy, we talked to the Italian Library Association, who shared the below insights.

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  • 29 August 2022