Empowering individuals to drive national, regional and global development: Libraries at the LAC SDG Forum

Libraries had a strong presence at the Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development, through engagement in sessions, direct contact with delegates, and a side-event focused on how libraries empower people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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  • 12 May 2023

6th Forum of the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development

IFLA will be well represented at the Forum of the Countries of Latin American and Caribbean Forum on Sustainable Development on 25-28 April. This meeting brings together UN officials, national governments, experts and civil society in order to share experiences and define priorities for ensuring an inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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  • 20 April 2023

Learning from engagement: insights and lessons from the 2022 High Level Political Forum on the SDGs

Last month, a team of librarians from around the world engaged with governments at the UN in New York, building understanding of the role of libraries in development, and creating new links with decision-makers - including a national president! This article shares lessons and reflections from the team who attended.

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  • 27 August 2022

Meet Team IFLA at HLPF 2022 (Part 3): What are you hoping to achieve through your engagement at HLPF?

We're already well into the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in New York, with our team of librarians from four different continents hard at work ensuring that governments understand the potential of libraries to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. But what goals did they have in coming to the Forum?

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  • 14 July 2022

At the heart of sustainable development: IFLA releases analysis of 2022 Voluntary National Reviews

IFLA has prepared analysis of the set of Voluntary National Reviews of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals being presented at this year's UN High-Level Political Forum. It has been another year of above-average numbers of references to libraries, linked to a wider range of SDGs than ever before. 

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  • 12 July 2022

Meet Team IFLA at HLPF 2022 (Part 2): How have you engaged around the SDGs so far?

Libraries are well represented at this year's UN High-Level Political Forum! With librarians from four different contents, including six countries which are currently undertaking Voluntary National Reviews, we're in a great position to share experience from the ground, as well as the values that shape our field as a whole. 

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  • 12 July 2022

Partnering for development: a joint interview between Jamaica’s SDG focal point and libraries

Through our work around the Sustainable Development Goals, IFLA argues that libraries are essential partners for development, and should be integrated into planning and implementation. Voluntary National Reviews provide a particular opportunity to set out where these partnerships stand, and how we can go further. We interviewed colleagues in Jamaica to find out more about how libraries are being involved in Review preparation there.

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  • 31 January 2022

Libraries Essential to Creating Informed, Independent, Information Literate Citizens

Media and information literacy (MIL) plays a key role in giving people the ability to find, understand, evaluate and create information. Libraries have a long expertise in helping users of all ages, in all situations do this, in order to create, innovate, and improve their lives. IFLA attended this year’s Global MIL Week feature conference in Jamaica in order to underline this point in front of an international audience.

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  • 28 October 2017
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