Let’s build our CPDWL community!


The purpose of the CPDWL “Get To Know You” Meet Ups is to help our standing committee members to get to know more about each. While normally this would happen organically during the WLIC, we are not able to spend time together and are not able to have informal interactions due to the pandemic. We have 33 standing committee members, corresponding members, and corresponding members – so we will hold 7 meet ups. We are hoping for 100% participation! This series will allow us to get to know each other better.

Here is How It Will Work: 

Meet ups will be held in Zoom. Each meet up will be just 30 minutes long. Anyone in the standing committee is welcome to attend the meet ups “live”, or you can wait to watch the recording.  

Note: the facilitator will need to be logged into the IFLA4 Zoom account to be able to record the session. Waiting Room feature on, facilitators please accept people in.

Each meet up will highlight up to 5 speakers who will be CPDWL committee members, corresponding members, and/or consultants. Each meet up will have a facilitator/host who will help keep the meet up on track and pose questions. Speakers and host should have their video turned on during the session. 

Each speaker will have 2 minutes to introduce themselves, and then the host will pose questions to all of the speakers. If time, the audience and fellow speakers can ask questions too.   

Some of the things speakers might mention in their 2-minute introductions:

  • Name, role on CPDWL, length of time you have been involved 

  • Where you are from

  • What is your job title? What do you do in that role?

  • What do you like to do in your spare time? 

  • Tell us about your home life. Do you have pets? Kids? Partners? (You can share only what you would like to)

Some of the questions the host may ask speakers:

  • How did you become part of IFLA/section members, etc. Who gave you support?

  • What is your favorite part of attending the WLIC and/or being involved in IFLA?

  • Tell us about a favorite thing (such as book, food, activity, movie, etc) – we could either let them tell us about one favorite thing (their choice) or select one of these to ask everyone to address

From the Meet Up Working Group:

  • Sandy Hirsh

  • Svetlana Gorokhova

  • Loida Garcia-Febo

  • Ulrike Lang