Event Calendar

November 2022
01 November

IFLA ENSULIB Webinar Series — Neighborhood Science: Working Locally to Confront Global Challenges

Location: Online

Join this fast-paced webinar to learn how libraries are working at the forefront of citizen science; the connection between NASA climate change science, citizen science observations, and mosquito-borne disease; how the international GLOBE Mission Mosquito citizen science campaign is providing a common language and approach for meeting the global challenge to ensure good health for all from mosquito-borne diseases; and examples of resources and partnerships that public, academic, and research libraries can leverage.

From: Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section
02 November
06 November
18 November

2022 UN Climate Change Conference (COP27)

Location: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Together with partners from the Climate Heritage Network, IFLA is bringing the voices of libraries to the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference, COP27.

From: Powering Sustainable Development


Location: Sharm el Sheikh, Egyt

The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) will be held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 6-18 November 2022. This conference will bring policymakers, climate activists, and civil society representing a range of stakeholders together to advance global commitments for addressing the climate crisis.

From: Powering Sustainable Development
09 November

IFLA SCITECH Webinar: „Out in the Open: How the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Library is Leading Open Science“

Location: Online

This webinar will highlight the open science practices of the Library at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

From: Science and Technology Libraries Section

Where Do We Meet? Perspectives from Software Developers and Subject Specialists on Creating Machine Learning Projects [webinar]

Location: Online [Zoom], attendance free

The IFLA Subject Analysis and Access Section’s Working Group on Automated Indexing invites you to the webinar titled Where Do We Meet? Perspectives from Software Developers and Subject Specialists on Creating Machine Learning Projects on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 14:00 - 18:00 CET.

From: Subject Analysis and Access Section
10 November
11 November

International Publishers‘ Congress

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Under the theme 'Reading Matters: Embracing the Future', this edition of the biennial International Publishers' Congress will focus on a key area of common interest for publishers and libraries. IFLA President-elect Vicki McDonald will represent IFLA, underlining the importance of cooperation.

From: An Inclusive, Rights-Based Information Society
14 November

Library Design Matters! IFLA LBES Webinet #4

Location: Virtual

We invite you to attend this free webinet organised by the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES) in collaboration with the Public Libraries Section (PLS), an activity as part of the Guadalajara (Mexico) World Book Capital 2022 event program. The webinet will be presented in Spanish and will have as its central theme integrated library facilities as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in programming different services in these shared facilities.

From: Library Buildings and Equipment Section
14 November
16 November

World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (WCECCE) brings together ministers, officials and stakeholders engaged in setting policy around the education and care of children from 0 to 8. IFLA is represented at the conference by chair of the Children and Young Adults Section, Marianne Martens.

From: Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section

IFLA Regional Workshop: Towards a Sustainable Library Field in Asia-Oceania

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

IFLA is looking forward to bringing together colleagues from across the Asia-Oceania region for a workshop focused on building the connections, skills and understanding needed to promote a sustainable library field.

From: A Supportive Environment for Libraries
15 November

Information for Development – Mobilising Libraries in Asia-Pacific to Support UN Goals

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The ability to access and apply information can be all too easily taken for granted. Yet it is arguably an essential development accelerator, enabling better decision-making from the individual to the government level.

From: Powering Sustainable Development

IFLA HBS Webinar – Informing #AMillionDecisions: taking the heavy lifting out of applying evidence to healthcare in the National Health Service in England

Location: Online

Join the IFLA Health and Biosciences Section on 15 November 2022 13.00-14.15 GMT as we host "Informing #AMillionDecisions: taking the heavy lifting out of applying evidence to healthcare in the National Health Service in England".

From: Health and Biosciences Libraries Section
17 November

Digital Inclusion and the public libraries against inequalities in access to information

Location: Online

The internet and digital technologies can be both forces for division and forces for inclusion, in all of economic, social, cultural and civic life. Public libraries can have a key influence for the good, through providing a multi-faceted and multi-layered approach to digital inclusion. This talk will explore the nature of public libraries' diverse contribution, and why they should be at the heart of any strategies for digital inclusion.

From: An Inclusive, Rights-Based Information Society
21 November
22 November

3rd Memory of the World Global Policy Forum

Location: Tokyo, Japan

IFLA President Barbara Lison will speak for libraries at the 3rd Global Policy Forum of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, on the topic of "Enhancing International Cooperation to better Safeguard Documentary Heritage at Risk", taking place on 21-22 November in Tokyo, Japan.

From: Promoting and safeguarding culture and heritage
22 November

IFLA Local History and Genealogy Section webinar: Origin, past, and history in Southeast Europe, Balkans: A case study of Serbian population in the region

Location: Online

The IFLA Local History and Genealogy Section cordially invites you to a webinar on 22 November 2022, 13:30-15:30 CET about historical and genealogical materials related to the Serbian population.

From: Local History and Genealogy Section

Library Design Matters! IFLA LBES Webinet #5

Location: Virtual

IFLA’s Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES) 2022-2023 webinet series is: “Building Resilience: local solutions for diverse challenges.” This webinet will shine a light on small-but-mighty library building projects supporting and enhancing inclusive, sustainable, resilient communities around the globe.

From: Library Buildings and Equipment Section
23 November
25 November

November 2022 Professional Council Meeting

Location: Virtual

IFLA’s Professional Council (PC) is responsible for the guidance of the Professional Structure, as set out in IFLA’s Statutes. The PC meets at least three times a year, often bi-monthly.

From: Professional Council
26 November
28 November
02 Dezember

Internet Governance Forum 2022

Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This year's Internet Governance Forum (IGF) focuses on the topic of Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future. IFLA will be present, working to underline how libraries represent an essential link in the chain between internet access, resilience, and inclusiveness. 

From: An Inclusive, Rights-Based Information Society
30 November

Engaging meaningfully in WIPO: does it matter for librarians in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Location: Online

This webinar seeks to educate librarians in Sub-Saharan Africa to understand what their roles are relating to copyright and neighboring rights issues and how to engage in and around WIPO organized events. More importantly, engaging meaningfully with in-country stakeholders on copyright, in order to push for rights that matter to libraries in sub-Saharan Africa, should arguably be a key part of library advocacy in general.

From: Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Division