With its explicit references to the importance of access to information and connecting libraries, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Lines remain a key reference point for libraries in engaging in digital policy

The WSIS Forum is therefore an important opportunity to ensure a continued focus on this work, and to engage with a wider range of stakeholders to build understanding of and support for the work of our field.

IFLA will therefore be actively engaged at this year’s event, notably organising a session focused on the question of how far the internet has enabled access to information, and the additional steps required to achieve this.

We are also honoured to be joining sessions organised by UNESCO on the relevance of the Internet Universality Indicators for broader digital development agendas, open educational resources, and access to government information.

You can register to join the conference online to follow these, and a rich variety of other sessions that will offer valuable insights into the discussions taking place today about the future of the internet.