2018 Chinese Library Annual Conference

Sponsored by the Library Society of China, the 2018 Chinese Library Annual Conference will be held in Langfang, Heibei Province, China. The theme of this annual conference is "Library & Society: Sharing, Efficiency annd the Rule of Law". The conference will consist of three parts: work meetings, academic symposiums and exhibition. The Chinese Library Annual Conference is an annual event for the national library community and also an exchange and cooperation between the library industry and related industries. Special members, national libraries, relevant industry and institutional workers, experts and scholars are invited to attend the meeting.


Libraries are the engine and promoter for social progress, and the function, influence and contribution of libraries depend on the role and function of libraries in society. Only by deeply integrating into society and effectively promoting social progress, economic development, scientific and technological innovation, cultural prosperity and educational blossom, can libraries carry out their responsibilities and realize their values, so as to find the existent space and development opportunities.

The display of library functions in society relies on various factors. First, under the circumstance of an open society, the coordinated cooperation and resource sharing between libraries and society should be further strengthened so as to promote the recognition and utilization of libraries by the general public, and libraries can become the habit and life style of each individual and also the irreplaceable and important force for social progress. Second, libraries should constantly update the concept, emphasize the use of new technologies, enhance service capabilities, and speed up transformation reform to promote the improvement of social efficiency. At the same time, a good environment for the rule of law is needed. The issue of the Guarantee Law for Public Culture Service System and the Law for Public Libraries as well as other laws and regulations will provide the good system safeguard and the external environment for the orderly development and capability enhancement of libraries. Libraries should take this opportunity to further promote social sharing, improve service efficiency, strengthen the construction of the rule of law, and play a more active and dynamic role in the construction of public culture service system.

IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón will deliver an address at the Opening Ceremony on 31 May.

SOURCE: Library Society of China