The Egyptian Library, Information and Archives Association (ELA) is organising its 21st Conference in collaboration with The National Library and Archives of Egypt, from 8-10 July 2018.  The theme of this year's conference is "Information Facilities in the Digital Age and Future Prospects".

The term “information facilities” includes all institutions concerned with information, knowledge and archives, including libraries, information centers, public records centers, various documents and museums; the digital age has always been a focal point, and it influences all information facilities and institutions.

Conference Topics 

1. Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities

  • World Digital infrastructure
  • The availability and marketing of information obstacles
  • Transition from traditional to digital format of information facilities
  • Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

2. Professional challenges and proposed solutions

  • Human and financial resources challenges
  • Changing patterns of beneficiary needs
  • Training programs and workshops and their application
  • Technological applications in information facilities

3. Partnerships and teamwork

  • Advanced networking methodology
  • Models of partnerships in professional institutions and associations
  • Partnerships between information facilities and their institutions and the private sector
  • Reciprocal relations between academics and professionals

4. Digital experiences locally, regionally and globally

  • Egyptian Knowledge Bank and Knowledge Embassies
  • Unified Library Catalogs
  • National and international archival standards
  • Experiences of digital transformation of information facilities: transformation of libraries and electronic archiving.