Join this Culture2030Goal Campaign side-event to the 2024 UN High-level Political in order to explore what the world would look like if we integrate culture fully into sustainable development policy.

Recording available on our YouTube channel!

With the SDG Summit Declaration underlining the role of culture as an enabler of development and determinant of policy effectiveness, the question is: how can we realise this potential across the SDGs?

The Culture2030Goal campaign is built around the understanding that unless culture is recognised as a key factor in achieving the SDGs, we miss opportunities, waste energy, and ultimately under-perform in our pursuit of the 2030 Agenda. 

This is both about the potential to mobilise the power of culture and heritage as a sector, and what we can achieve through more comprehensively integrating cultural rights and factors as a vector of success. 

With the Summit of the Future now looking to identify key actions that can lift barriers to sustainable development and deliver on the promise of multilateralism, this session asks – what would a world which integrates culture into decision-making look like?

The session will draw on a variety of perspectives, from experts looking strategically at how culture fits into the global agenda, to practitioners from the fields of education, wellbeing and local development. 

We hope that the session will leave participants readier to mobilise culture to support progress in their areas of focus, and cultural professionals in turn readier to help make sustainable development happen.


  • Ms Lily Pandeya (India)
  • Ms Ege Yildirim (Turkiye)
  • Mr Jordi Pascual (Catalonia, Spain)
  • Mr Damilare Oyedele (Rwanda, Nigeria)