Voluntary National Reviews of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals offer a great opportunity to place libraries at the heart of development policy discussions, both during their preparation and at the time of their presentation. Attend this webinar to learn about experiences of libraries in 2022, and the lessons you can apply in your own context!

A key part of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda is its emphasis on monitoring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, and encouraging sharing and learning between countries.

Voluntary National Reviews are at the heart of this, with governments strongly encouraged to work with stakeholders of all types to  describe the current situation, and the steps needed to ensure that the Goals are achieved by 2030.

The Reviews offer a great opportunity for libraries to engage, given the huge range of ways in which our institutions contribute to inclusive, sustainable development. They are also a chance to talk with parts of government, as well as other stakeholders, which may not often have libraries on their radar, leading to new partnerships and alliances.

Ahead of the 2023 Voluntary National Reviews, this webinar offers the opportunity to learn from those who participated in the preparation of the 2022 edition, and then engaged at the United Nations in New York in order to make the case for libraries.

For a taster, take a look at the insights already provided by our team!

View the recording of this webinar.