EuroDIG 2015This week the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) will be hosting EuroDIG 2015: Shaping the Internet together held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 4 – 5 June. IFLA will be participating in sessions discussing equal access to the Internet, the role of libraries in facilitating access, and the opportunities of the EU copyright reform process.

IFLA at EuroDig workshops

IFLA will represented by Christina de Castell, Manager Policy and Advocacy at three sessions that are also available for remote participation:

  • EU Copyright Reform: Thursday, 4th June, 2:30pm
  • How to facilitate equal access for all? Friday, 5th June 11:30am-1:00pm
  • Steps to realizing equal access for all: Friday, 5th June, 2:30-4pm

 “EU Copyright reform” will discuss how more people can be heard in the copyright reform process planned for autumn 2015, so that lawmakers can help make copyright more attuned to modern society. Leading up to the reform, the European Commission conducted consultation that included broad citizen participation, along with libraries, public authorities, universities, ICT companies and rightsholders.

 How to facilitate equal access for all? will focus on the challenges of providing internet in rural and remote areas and targeting obstacles such as poor internet infrastructure, prohibitive pricing for specific groups, the lack of basic digital skills, and assistive technologies for the disabled.  During the session IFLA will be addressing how libraries can contribute to current internet access challenges. The session will offer new insights and discuss innovative approaches to bringing the Internet for everyone, with panelists from W3C, GSMA, ISOC, Robobraille/Biblus Digital Library.

 Steps to realizing equal access for all is a continuation of the previous session, however during this session panelists will look at practical steps in realizing access for all, focusing on access for persons with print disabilities, and those living in disadvantaged or rural communities. During this session IFLA will highlight the way libraries work with the visually impaired as well as disadvantaged people in rural communities in providing access to information and skill development.  

For more information regarding the programme please have a look at the meeting agenda. Interested parties may also attend the sessions via remote participation.

If you would like to learn more about IFLA’s participation in the previous EuroDIG 2014: Digital Society at Stake – Europe and the future of the Internet, you can visit our webpages Information Society