The Global Alliance for Literacy Policy Forum offers an opportunity for governments, international institutions and others to come together to find effective ways to tackle illiteracy. IFLA will be there, making the case for placing libraries at the heart of these efforts.  

Helping the millions of people worldwide facing low literacy to develop the skills they need to take a full part in economic and social life is a key target under the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

While governments have a key responsibility to make progress happen, success will rely on partnerships with other actors, not least libraries. Our institutions provide essential support to people of all ages in developing their reading skills.

The Global Alliance for Literacy Policy Forum, held in Mexico City, Mexico, on 13-14 November, will see ministers and government representatives exchange with experts, businesses, and libraries, about how to make progress. It is organised by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, which does important work to promote learning – including through libraries – through life.

This is an important opportunity to highlight what libraries can do, and ensure that they are central in plans formed at the national and international level to achieve universal literacy. 

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