MIL week 2020

The eighth annual global celebration of Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week will take place from 24 to 31 October 2020, under the theme “Resisting Disinfodemic: Media and Information Literacy for everyone and, by everyone”.

Global MIL Week 2020 is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards “MIL for All”.

The theme for Global MIL Week 2020 highlights how we can look to addressing disinformation and divides by recognizing our shared interest in improving everyone’s competencies to engage with the opportunities and risks in today’s landscape of communication, technology, and information. In this way, MIL – along with Global Citizenship Education – can aid progress towards the SDGs by equipping citizens with the knowledge, skills, values, and practices to be engaged as critical-thinking citizens in societies. These competencies can empower citizens for involvement in media development, access to information and knowledge for all, and freedom of expression, which all have implications on how the war against disinformation can be won.

IFLA President Christine Mackenzie will take part in the event.