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[PDF version fo the Agenda]

IFLA IT Section SC Business Meeting 28 Aug 2020, 08:30-09:30 EST, Online
+ Big Data SIG Business Meeting 28 Aug 2020, 09:30-10:00 EST, Online


  1. [08:30 EST] Welcome
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Approval of the 2019 Annual Report and Minutes for IT Section
    These were previously approved via email, submitted to IFLA HQ and posted on website (;
  4. Updates/Reports [10 min]

    1. From HQ/Professional Committee (Chang, et al.)
    2. From Information Coordinator (Boffy)
  5. Action Plan, 2019-20 ( [10 mins]

    1. WLIC2020 events postponed/rescheduled/changed to virtual event

      • Joint open session with Preservation & Conservation Section on Preserving complex digital objects in libraries [Boffy]
      • Joint open session with KM Section on The effect of library systems to the delivery of services to user communities [Bultrini]
    2. Projects/activities completed

      • Guidelines/principles on cybersecurity for libraries [Balnaves]
  6. Action Plan, 2020-21 [30 min]

    1. Series of webinars on IT related topics [LynnK]
    2. Publication of “Robots in libraries” by DeGruyter [Seeliger]
    3. Create standards that certify interoperability for technologies [Weinraub Lajoie]
    4. Research data and libraries [Bultrini]
    5. Proposal: Sunset IT Section Skills Register [Chang]
    6. Proposal: Develop series of technology-related checklists in collaboration with IFLA Policy Office [Chang]
    7. WLIC2021, Rotterdam, Netherlands

      • Suggestions for satellite meeting and/or open session
  7. Any other business

    1. Next meeting — September?
  8. [09:30 EST] Big Data SIG program and business meeting

    1. Open session (data project) [40 min]

      • Presentation from Edward Junhao Lim (IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Section) on bringing Library Carpentry workshops to IFLA to increase data skills
      • Presentation “Towards ethical data management, distribution, and use for AI applications” by Dr. Maria Esteva and Dr. Sharen Strover, University of Texas, Austin
      • Presentation “Feasibility of applying off-the-shelf Artificial Intelligence tools on digital library images collections” by Harish Maringanti (University of Utah)
    2. Business meeting

      • Updates on SIG team, WLIC 2020, and action plan
      • Invitation to participate in future work
  9. Any other business