16.00 – 18.00

In 2017, an IFLA workshop on developing metadata standards for palm leaf manuscripts highlighted the importance of taking a more holistic approach to these rare, and often fragile works. Too often, the tools and guidance available to the library community is ill suited to manuscripts, as opposed to books or other works. What experience can we share, and how can we overcome this challenge?
The Strategic Programme on Preservation and Conservation is therefore focusing its 2018 WLIC session on the preservation and storage of, as well as metadata for documentation and access to, both manuscripts in general, and palm leaf manuscripts in particular. Within the session, there will be an update on work on developing metadata standards for palm leaf manuscripts, and a series of presentations on broader work to ensure the sustainability and accessibility of manuscripts.


  • Digital Union Catalogue of Malay Manuscripts at the National Library of Malaysia: The way forward – Faizal Hilmie Yusof, Digital Union Catalogue of Malay Manuscripts, Malaysia
  • Fifty Shades of EAD: Bringing together the theory and practice of manuscript description at the National Library of France – Mélanie Roche and Maryline Devidal, Bibliothèque nationale de France, France
  • Developing a strategic program for safeguarding palm-leaf manuscripts in Sri Lanka – Muthurajah Norman Ravikumar and Thankavadivel Ramanan, Eastern Univeristy, Sri Lanka
  • Case Studies of four libraries in Nepal – Bina Vaidya, Tribhuvan University Central Library, Nepal